Charities and Businesses: What's in it for you?

Charities: Benefit from volunteering

Some of the U.K's brightest students can make a significant positive impact volunteering within your charity.

Businesses: Meet your social corporate responsibility objectives.

Offer placements to students coming from more diverse socio-economic backgrounds.


Student Stepladder is run by students, and well-connected to thousands of the brightest minds in the U.K. Expose the great work that you do to the next generation of leaders.


Companies: Contact us to start our partnership

Get in touch to discuss how we can work together in order to make a positive impact within your organisation. We can help to create a 'project brief' in order to ensure that we can provide a beneficial service to your company, as well as for the student.


Mentor With Us

Capitalise on the opportunity to offer support and guidance to the next generation of brightest minds.

Your mentoring can improve the chances of less privileged students achieving their goals.

We request that you would be able to arrange a call with your student approximately once a month, in order to check in on them, offer advice and point them in the right direction. It is the students responsibility to initiate interactions between you.

If your student is successful in attaining work experience through Student Stepladder it will be your responsibility to offer advice and support to the student throughout their placement where necessary, which is in a role familiar to your career background and experience. 

Mentoring allows you to give back, and bridge the gap in the obvious unfair differences in students privileges and opportunities. 

Additionally this can provide you with the opportunity to develop your personal skills and progress within your career, whilst making a genuine positive impact in society.


Become a mentor today

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