Here at Student Stepladder we are dedicated to improving the socio-economic diversity in top graduate roles, as well as helping a range of students who may have found avenues toward their dream job less accessible. Our work experience and mentoring will help you to develop a range of employable skills whilst improving your CV.

We will provide you with a mentor to offer you support throughout your placement.

 Regardless of whether you are successful in achieving a placement we can offer you the incredibly useful service of a mentor, who can tell you more about your possible career interests, as well as offering advice for your job applications (if you adhere to the mentoring programme).


Why should I apply for mentoring, or a placement?

Gain confidence

Completing a project, predominantly on your own, within a genuine role of responsibility will develop your confidence for future roles. Having a mentor tell you more about your potential career will inspire you and give you a focus in your application.

Understand how a company runs at the top level

We offer projects in positions which will require you to work with senior members of an organisation. This will give you an insight into how a charity or public sector organisation is run.

Give yourself the opportunity to impress in interviews

Within virtually any interview, an employer will ask you to explain a time in which you had a position of responsibility, and how you demonstrated skills in the situation. Therefore, a placement will provide you with a large amount of impressive discussion points within your interview. Mentoring will give you a greater understanding of your career sector, therefore allowing you to impress more in an interview.

Gain references

Here at Student Stepladder, we are aware of how difficult it can be to get good references from previous employers at a young age. Therefore, we ensure that either your placement company, your mentor or us will provide you with a detailed reference.

Improve your CV

Placements will require a range of skills, therefore you can demonstrate this on your C.V. Getting involved within a placement shows you are a pro-active individual that genuinely wants to improve their employability and have a positive impact. A mentor could potentially offer you advice regarding your CV and job applications.


How can opportunities through Student Stepladder benefit students?

Here is what Mareta had to say:

I applied for the program because I am interested in International Development but lacked practical experience in the field. I believed that volunteering at Hand in Hand would provide me with an opportunity to learn more about how international philanthropic projects are managed – how are the sustainability issues addressed and what issues might the projects face. And I did! I am currently still collaborating with HiH because I have highly enjoyed my time working with them. 

My tasks have included checking incoming donations and comparing records in Salesforce; however, I am mostly doing prospect pitches – researching potential donors and assisting the charity in how/ whether they should approach them. As such, I have learned more about the diversity of project HiH works on and how fundraising is done in practice. Additionally, I boosted my commercial awareness as I learned about other charities, projects and foundations that address different sustainability challenges across the world.


Current Available Placements

Listed below are the current placements we have available here at Student Stepladder. If you are interested in applying for the placement please fill out the relevant form at the bottom of this page.


Apply For a Placement!

Fill out the quick form below in order for us to assess your suitability for the Student Stepladder programme. We will use the information to match you with the best possible work experience we have available! At this stage, any student is able to register to join the Student Stepladder programme, however students with less opportunities to acquire relevant experience will be prioritised. We are still a start-up social enterprise, therefore placement opportunities are currently limited but continue to grow exponentially.