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Student Stepladder

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Our Purpose

Social mobility is a larger problem in the U.K. than any other developed country.

In 2019, 65% of senior judges, 57% of members in the House of Lords and 44% of newspaper columnists were privately educated, despite the fact that only 7% of the population attended a fee-paying school. A similar picture is presented when one examines the majority of the most well-regarded and highest paid professions.

The Institute of Student Employers published in 2018 that Britain's leading graduate schemes are dominated by privately educated young people.

In 2021, valuable work experience continues to be handed out internally to friends and family members, feeding into a continuous cycle where students born into priveliged circumstances are more likely to gain employment in higher-paid roles.


What We Do

Student Stepladder is a not-for-profit social enterprise that is dedicated to counteracting the unfair advantages that are ever-present in the job market.

We offer applicable and relevant work experience, as well as mentoring, to students who have less connections into the career sector they aim to pursue.

We are a start-up social enterprise, run by students, that offers volunteering opportunities in genuine roles of responsibility within charities. We assign students to roles specific to the skills they wish to develop or close to a role they aim to pursue. These positions are currently limited but opportunities will continue to arise at Student Stepladder as our service continues to expand.

We are already well connected to a number of mentors with genuine career experience and success. These are individuals who are willing to give their time in order to offer support and guidance to students who don't have someone that they can talk to with experience and knowledge in the relevant career area.

Not only does volunteering in a remote role within a charity offer you an opportunity to make a positive impact and teach you a vast array of employable skills, 90% of employers state that volunteering can have a positive effect on career progression. As our social enterprise continues to grow, we aim to arrange paid placements within companies across a vast range of sectors and industries.

Our mentoring service gives less privileged students the opportunity to learn from, and be guided by, industry experts.